How To Be a Food Critic

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How To Be a Food Critic

This is by far one of the most entertaining and rewarding jobs if done properly, however getting to be a food critic, to begin with, is something that not everyone is cut out for. A friendly word of advice, make sure that you are not allergic to anything beforehand, otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose of it all.

You will have to learn a lot about food, earn a lot of hatred from chefs and cooks, and inspire a lot of terror in the hearts of restaurant and hotel owners everywhere, so how to be a food critic?

Learn Your Way Around Food

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One of the key things about being a food critic is knowing anything and everything about the food that you are reviewing, and while this might sound like a lot of fun, it is actually a lot of work. The first thing you will have to do is go to culinary school, graduate, and start experimenting as well as learning a lot of dishes and the different variations that are commonly found. After all, this is done, you can start off on your road to acknowledgment.

Start Writing Reviews

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As a critic, you will need to prove your skills in both the culinary arts and writing about food, and this is no easy task because you will need to be entertaining to read while at the same time harsh and unforgiving as a reviewer. The best way to go about this is to simply start going to random restaurants, keep a low profile, order food, take notes and write a review about it when you get home.

What you are doing now is more or less a hobby but it will help you develop your writing skills, and you can actually compile these reviews into a portfolio as you go along.

Team Up With Publications

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Your next and last step on this journey is to partner up with a publication or a newspaper that can publish your reviews. This is where your portfolio will come in handy, and if it is entertaining enough while accurate enough to get a strong opinion across, then you will find a publication to work with, in no time.

Alternatively, you can simply start your own food blog, publish your reviews there and promote it all over the internet to build up a following.

There are a couple of ways to go about becoming a food critic, you can partner up with a publication or simply start you own food blog. Either way, regardless of the path that you choose, you will need to know your way around a dish, and at the same time be very entertaining while still conveying your messages across.

Remember that you will upset a lot of people this way, so keep a low profile, don't get recognized and leave off fake clues to your identity in your reviews (like talking about glasses although you don't wear any, and so on) to make sure you go unnoticed.

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