How To Be A Good Personal Assistant

How To Be A Good Personal Assistant

Being a personal assistant is not an easy job, and things tend to get even harder when you are trying to be a good one. It takes a lot of skill, a lot of practice, a lot of patience and a lot of general knowledge in order to become a good personal assistant, however, it is not only possible but also recommended.

You will be playing with fire at times and you will have to take some risks, however, if everything is planned out properly, you will become one of the best personal assistants that your boss has ever had. With that in mind, let's see how to be a good personal assistant.

Don't Volunteer, Take Initiative


This is the first thing that will make you stand out from the rest, the ability to simply do what must be done without making a big deal about it. Often times, silent modesty is a lot more appreciated and respected than volunteering and drawing attention to yourself.

if you want to score extra points, try and make it so that your boss can take most of the credit for the success of the project.

Observe, Analyze And Predict


While it is not required to have the mind of a chess master in order to be a good personal assistant, it is an advantage. That being said, you will have to play your boss like a game of chess, observing every single move and action, analyzing every single detail and predicting his next moves.

This will allow you to do things in advance and have things prepared well in advance, impressing your boss and easing your workload at the same time.

Have A Sense Of Humor


By far one of the most important traits of a good personal assistant is a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh. Being serious and professional is expected of you, however every now and again you need to let your head down and have a good laugh.

Both you and your boss will be thankful for this, not only because you can lose a lot of stress this way, but also because you help brighten each other's work day.

Be Organized


Last, but definitely not least, one of the most important features of a good personal assistant is good organization and management of tasks. You need to be the go-to person for everything related to your boss and their schedule. You need to know constantly where your boss is and when they have free time.

It's best to keep organized so you have an overview and you're always on point when it comes to your boss.

Being a personal assistant can be exhausting, tiresome and downright stressful, however being a good personal assistant can be rewarding and quite satisfactory.

As long as you keep your head together, analyze your boss's actions, take initiative and predict future events, you will be able to take advantage of any situation and come out shining on top every single time.

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