How to Be a Hair Stylist

Step by step
How to Be a Hair Stylist

Becoming a hairstylist can be a lot of fun and can be very beneficial. If you’re looking into becoming a hairstylist, there are several things you must do. To find out how to be a hairstylist, read the steps below.

Decide if it’s the right profession

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Before getting into everything, really think if this is the right profession for you. If you have cut peoples hair and are passionate about it then this might be something you would want to do.

Be a People Person

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If you're, not a social person, then this isn’t really the job for you. You must be a people person to become a hairstylist. While cutting peoples hair, you will be talking with them.

Be able to Stand for Hours

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This is a very physically demanding job. You will be on your feet for several hours at a time. If you have any leg or back problems, you might want to speak with a doctor before going any further.

Figure out Your Schools

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There are many different schools you can go to become a hairstylist. Check out the ones in your area, and see what they have to offer.

Go through the Program


Usually, you can get through a cosmetology program in 1 or 2 years. Cosmetology is a vast program where you will have to learn more than just cutting hair to pass. You will need to learn things like nails, waxing, and even a little makeup. You will receive a certification for cosmetology at the end of the program.

Get Licensed

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You have to obtain a license that allows you to cut hair at an establishment. There will be a test that you have to pass and you will be able to study for it. Requirements vary by state, contact your state licensing board for more information.

Find a Job

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You can get a hair stylist job at a salon. But you can also work at spas, nursing homes, or resorts. There are many places, just do some research in your area. Decide what is right for you and apply where you want to be.

Create a Portfolio

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As you cut hair, ask people if you can take pictures for your portfolio. Most will have no problem with this. Make sure the pictures are of good quality. Take the best hairstyles and put them in a nice portfolio in case you want to get another job or work freelance.

Advance in your Career

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Hair stylists start at entry level positions, but you can advance. Start by building your clientele and creating regular customers who only want you. You can also advance by doing more work around the salon you are working at. Your superiors will appreciate it and see that you can move up. One day you might be running your own salon.

Now you know how to be a hair stylist!

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