How To Be a Pastor

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How To Be a Pastor

Becoming a member of the church is something that is not for everyone, and in order to do so, you will need to have what is known as the calling. This basically means that you feel an instinctive urge to help the needy, listen to people's problems and provide both counseling and hope to those that are in need of it. There is a lot that goes into becoming a pastor and in order to do so, you will need a lot of training and a lot of understanding. So, how to be a pastor?

Get A Bachelor's In Theology

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The first thing that you must do is study your faith, whatever it may be, and learn all the intricacies, all the teachings and everything that has to do with it. This is not an easy thing to do and you will find yourself studying things like philosophy, Latin, and various other such subjects in order to better understand your faith's book. It will take roughly between 4 and 5 years, but you will eventually get your Bachelor's Degree in Theology.

Get Ordained

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The next step you will have to take is to get ordained and you can do so by talking to the church leadership and expressing your wish to do so. You will then study under a minister, pastor or priest, learning the doctrine as well as receiving training in counseling and how to manage the problems of your congregation. Once your training is over, you will be ordained as a pastor for your church.

Be Called To Serve A Congregation

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This is the last step that you will have to take in order to become a pastor, and interestingly enough, you will not be the one to take the actual step itself, but you will rather have to wait to be called to serve a congregation. While it might seem like something that would come up quite often, it will actually take a bit of time until you will be called to serve, so you will end up putting a lot of work with other congregations before your receive your call. A good pointer here is to learn as much as possible in this time and study as much as you can so that you will be prepared for when you yourself will be called to serve.

Overall, becoming a pastor is not an easy thing, and you will have to do a lot of studying, a lot of research and develop a lot of compassion and understanding in the mean time. There will be ups, there will be downs, you will have your faith tested frequently, however, in the end, you will receive the call to serve and you will be given a congregation to guide into the good graces of your deity.

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