How to Become a Tour Guide

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How to Become a Tour Guide

Tour guides are an essential part of the hospitality and historical parts of our society. Without tour guides, many of the attractions and sights that are famous throughout the world wouldn't be as popular or well-known. Because of that, many people decide that becoming a tour guide is the right profession for them. But learning how to become a tour guide isn't as simple; this is a career many don't consider. It might not be well known, but it's certainly possible!

Explore Different Tours

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Before you begin searching for a job as a tour guide, it's a good idea to take a few different tours. This will help you to determine which is right for you, which we'll get to later. For now, focus on experience the different types of tours that are available. Try a bike tour in a big city, or a wilderness trek through a national park. Hit both an art museum and a science museum. You're bound to find one that grabs your attention!

Decide What Type of Tour Is Right for You

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Now that you've experienced all of the different tours from the perspective of the tourist, it's time to determine which would suit you best as a tour guide. For instance, you might have enjoyed a bicycle tour, but you might not enjoy it so much when you're biking so far every day. Take the time to decide which is best suited for you, and what will work long-term. Remember:  This is a career you want to stick with!

Take Any Necessary Exams

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In quite a few places, those who want to be tour guides have to take exams to show that they're proficient in their knowledge of guiding tours. This also normally means acquiring a license to become a tour guide. This practice is so prevalent, in fact, that many companies won't even accept an application if you haven't passed the exams and earned your license. Do a quick search, and find out what is needed in your area.

Get the Right Contacts

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As with every profession, knowing the right people can make or break a job search. But, as a tour guide, this is even more important. This is a hospitality position and, like many others in the same industry, becoming friendly with those that are already employed can make it easier to get your foot in the door. So, visit some conventions, talk to tour guides, and even call up companies that you are interested in.

Consider a Degree

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As we stated before, tour guides fall solidly into the hospitality industry, though that is often forgotten. Because of that, if you want to become a very successful tour guide, or even if you just want to be the best guide you can be, you should consider getting a degree in hospitality. A degree can help you land a job as a tour guide fairly quickly, and it can get you some of the more lucrative jobs.

Tour guides are an invaluable addition to the hospitality industry. With the right steps, you can join this field and find a job that you'll love!

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