How to Become an Artist

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How to Become an Artist

For many, being an artist is a lifelong ambition. It's something that they dream of from the time that they're small. For others, it's something that they gradually realize over time might just be right for them. Regardless of which category you fall into, figuring out how to become an artist is a tricky thing. It's not as simple as wanting to be a doctor, or a lawyer; there's not always a set path to follow. But these tips will help you find the right road on your artistic journey!

Choose a Medium

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While it is true that a lot of artists practice in many different mediums, if you're wanting to become a full-time artist, it might be a good idea to really focus on one type of medium. This can be painting, sculpting, metalwork, drawing, whatever you want to be. But focusing on one will allow you to build up a steady customer base, as well as help you to focus on bettering your skills in that medium.

Develop Your Skills

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Even the artists with the most natural skills didn't just roll out of bed and start painting. It takes a lot of work to become good enough to be considered a professional. And most of that work just happens to be practice. You'll need to practice quite a bit, to hone your skills into something that you can use. Try to set aside time every day, so that you can make sure that you're practicing as much as you should be.

Build a Portfolio

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Of course, you could be the most talented artist in the world, but you still wouldn't get any clients or customers if you have nothing to show them! Because of this, you should begin to build a portfolio. The sooner you do this, the better. It should include a variety of your best work, showcasing how creative and unique each of your pieces can be. For those who work in three-dimensional mediums, taking photos of your work, along with written descriptions, is a good idea.

Sell Your Work

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And the most important step of becoming an artist:  Sell your work! You can paint, sculpt, or draw all day if you want, but you'll never be able to call it your career until you can make money doing it. There are many different ways to do this:  Seek out gallery shows and local craft fairs; find websites that allow you to sell there; set up a way to take commissions, then put ads in the local newspaper. Anyway you can get your name out there, do it, and the customers will come. You can even set up an Etsy store to sell your artwork there; find out how to use Etsy here!

Consider a Degree

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Though a college degree isn't necessary when becoming an artist, it can certainly help. Not only will acquire more knowledge of not just art, but on how to actually be an artist, but you'll also meet others who are wanting the same thing. Getting an art degree can be as much about developing professional connections as learning about art itself.

Becoming an artist isn't easy. It takes a lot of hard work, tenacity, and a bit of talent. However, with all of that combined, you have it in you to become a professional artist that is happy in their line of work.

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