How to Deal with Getting Fired

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How to Deal with Getting Fired

Getting fired sucks, double so if it’s a job you liked, probably needed – or both. It ranks high up on the list of most stressful things in life and truth be told, it could leave you emotionally wrecked. The period after losing your job can feel like the world is coming down on you, and coming down hard. But look, however much it feels like the end of the world, life has to continue, you know. You probably have heard this before, but toughen up and take it on the chin.

It’s okay to feel bad about it. Just don’t obsess over it for months. There is a lot to live for, however bland that may sound right now. Here are some tips on how to deal with getting fired that may come in handy following that terrifying “We need to talk” statement at work.

Realize you are not alone

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Losing a job is an emotional gut-punch, that much is for certain. But it doesn’t mean you are a total failure, no. Folks getting fired every day is a common occurrence in the job market of today. At least, you can brush off that victim mentality that is bound to wash over you by knowing you are not the first to face the sack, nor will you be the last. No matter how downtrodden you feel, there are a lot of other folks going through worse, if you care to look around. This is a surprisingly powerful statement that may just help you to get by during the tough times.

Figure Things Out

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Give yourself time to think things through. Don’t feel the pressure to jump right back into work. Take some time to assess your situation; this could mean weeks, not hours! You may find yourself in a lonely dark place, which is alright. Just don’t be sucked into it. Positivity is an asset at this time.

Keep your options open. Now may be a good time to explore that field you felt you had neglected, or always wanted to explore but never got to it. You could think about venturing into business. Or going back to school.

Let Things Go and De-stress

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You may find it hard resisting the job loss, but this only serves to add to the stress. You probably know the reason you were fired. You probably don’t. But overthinking it will not do you any favors. Just make sure you learn from the experience, if it’s a mistake you made and understand that it’s not a death sentence.

Slow down and tune in, some of the best ideas are likely to occur to you this way. Use this time to de-stress and focus on your health. Don’t drown yourself in the ice cream, but instead, hit the gym. Or try running if it’s your thing. Some exercise at this time will do you a world of good.

Take the Next, Don’t Wait for the Best

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When you have no job and no money and out of many things down the line because they cost money, now is not the time to wait out for that dream job. What you need presently is a job, a transitional one. A job that will help you meet your expenses while giving you something to do as you await the next big thing. So go on, take the next one that comes along until you are back on your feet.

And for crying out loud, don’t compare yourself to others! It’s easy to get caught in the everyone-has-a-better-life-than-me reasoning, and more so in this age of social media, a platform you need to go easy on especially now that things have turned pear-shaped.

Ask for Help

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Asking for help is one of the hardest things to do. But it can be a life-saver, in every sense of the word. It’s normal to go through a career bump, people understand that – at least some of them. Reach out to family. Or friends. There is no use faking you have it all together when you haven’t.

Losing your job is part of being employed. Unless you are in self-employment, it is something you need to contend with because at some point, heaven forbid, it’s bound to happen. But life goes on, it doesn’t end there. And it’s nice to understand that.

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