How to Dress Business Casual

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How to Dress Business Casual

The days of wearing suits are over. In general, very few of us have to wear a suit even to the office. Unless you are going to a wedding or prom, you will be generally over-dressed in one. That said, you can't just wear shorts and t-shirt everywhere either. Whether you are planning on a date, a job interview, or heading into the office, the best look is business-casual and we are going to show you how to dress Business Casual like a pro!


Brown Pointy Shoe

You actually have a lot of options here. In general, you will have to avoid sandals, but other than that you can go for a wide range of shoes. For those with an active day, the crossover tennis shoe can work. Just go with darker colors. Bright white tennis shoes don't really work and get dirty quickly anway. Vans or Converses also work quite well. If you want to go a little more stylish, however, nothing beats a solid brownto pointy shoe. You will always get fashion credit if you go that route.



Pants. Pants. Pants. No shorts. Also, no matter what some hipsters might be saying, you cannot try to bring back cargo pants. Jeans work well as long as they are dark blue (other colors can work well, just not light blue). Slacks are getting on the dressier side so you might want to pair them with a more casual shirt. If you want to go with khakis, then make sure they are form-fitting and tight. In fact, this is great advice for any pair of pants your purchase!


Button down shirt

Hooray, no tie! You don't need a tie basically ever these days. If you have the right shoes and pants, you can even get away with a stylish V neck t-shirt. If you are headed to the office, you might want to throw a blazer over it though. Button-downs are generally the rule of thumb. Don't button all the way up, leave the top few undone. Cardigans are in right now as well and are another good way to dress up t-shirts. 

Hair and Face


Once again, we live in a great time for facial hair flexbility. Most employers have generally flexibile policies on this. If you choose to go with a beard, keep it trimmed and neat. Also, work is not the place to grow out your beard. If you want one and have and awkward middle stage between a shaved look and bearded one, then wait until your next holiday to try it out. 



The best thing about business casual is that there is no exact method for what is or what isn't it. You can play around with different style and see what works best for you. The general rule is that you just need to look well groomed and well put together. Think about this, pretend like every time you go out, you might meet a new employer or prospective love interest, do you really want to be wearing that stained t-shirt. You don't have to have a lot of clothes, just the right combination of good quality ones. 

One of the best things about living in the era that we do is that we have a lot more fashion flexibility in than fifty years. We are not condemned to starched suits, ties, or long dresses. We can express ourselves in a variety of ways. If you are looking for some good stores to check out then definitely head to H&M, Zara, and Uniqlo, they are the best places to shop for the best business-casual look!

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