How To Enlist In The Army

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How To Enlist In The Army

Joining the armed forces is not for everyone, in fact regardless of how desperate and needy the army might look, they have some rather rigorous tests and difficult conditions that you need to meet in order to join.

There are a lot of ways in which you can fail and a lot of ways in which you can end up wasting your time, however, if done right, you will end up being a trained soldier ready to fight and defend his country. So, read on to find out how to enlist in the army.

Finish School

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Nothing good comes from dropping out of school, even if you've just turned 18 and you want to join the army. In fact, believe it or not, you actually have to graduate from high school in order to be considered for enlistment in the first place.

not only that, but you will need to complete various stages of education while in the Army in order to climb through the ranks, so gimping yourself by quitting high school is not your best solution.

Get Your Affairs In Order

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The Army is a full-time commitment and you will be essentially starting a new life. That being said, you will need to put all your affairs in order, settle all your debt and solve all your unsolved business beforehand. By doing so, you will not only tie up loose end but also make sure that your joining the army does not have negative effects and consequences on other people.

Pass The Physical

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Once you've signed up and passed the medical examination, you will have to pass the physical. This is a grueling exam meant to push you to the very limit, consisting of an assortment of calisthenics, strength exercises, endurance challenges and tests of willpower.

It goes without saying that this is where the weak are filtered out, so in order to pass you will need to train a lot beforehand.

Find The Right Sector

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Not all military personel are combat fighters, in fact there are a lot of jobs and stations within the Army that don't even require you to have a gun. Anything from maintenance to engineering, mechanics, stratergy and even communications can land you at either a nice and cozy desk job or a workshop assignment, far away from any actual combat or danger.

Depending on your skill set and the abilities that you demonstrate during your training, you will either be give the ability to choose an assignment or simply have an assignemt be given to you as an order.

Joining the army is a lot easier said that done, and no matter what the popular belief might be, no everyone can become a trained soldier. There are a lot of tests that you will have to pass, a lot of trials you will have to complete and a lot of training that you will need to go through. If you manage to stay focused, disciplined and stoic, you will successfully enlist and become the soldier that you've always dreamed of being.

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