How To Fire Someone

How To Fire Someone

Firing someone is one of the hardest things that an employer has to do because we are all humans regardless of our positions and we understand what impact our actions have on other people. While there are valid reasons for this action, there are a lot of ways in which you can go about this without hurting any feelings or creating unpleasant situations.

Above all else, you'll have to put yourself in the other person's shoes before firing him in order to figure out how to break the news as gently as possible. That being said, let's figure out how to fire someone.

Think Long And Hard About It


You will have to come in a little early at work that day and find a quiet spot where you can think about your actions and what you are about to do.

Try and play out the conversation in your head, anticipating any problems, any resistance, and any conflicts as well as ways to mitigate them or completely render them null and void.

Also, try and work on your wording and find the best way to break the news without sounding like an ogre.

Break The News


Here it is, the moment of truth.

You will have to invite that person into your office or pull him aside somewhere private and gently break the news to him that his employment at the company is being terminated.

Try and show empathy towards that person, make him feel like you're a friend and that you're sorry that it has come to this, while at the same time trying to find ways of making him feel better.

Offer To Help


Assuming everything went well so far you will have to wait until that person calms down, maybe even give him a couple of minutes to compose himself and remind him that the world is full of opportunities.

A good move here is to take out your business card, give it to him, look him in the eyes and say that you are going to help him as much as you can to get a new job as fast as possible, even encouraging him to put you down on his resume as a reference.

Give A Proper Send-Off


Once the person has calmed down, the best thing that you can do is end it on a high.

Remind that person about the time spent working at the company, all the friends that he has made and all that he has accomplished, as well as the legacy that he is leaving behind.

Then remind him that everyone is behind him and that they are all supporting him in his future endeavors.

Firing somebody will be one of, if not the hardest things that you will ever have to do in your professional career. This is a very emotional and delicate situation, so flexing your corporate muscles is not the best way to go here.

Remember that you are essentially crushing that person's lifestyle and sending him back to the job market, often times making things hard for him in the process.

As long as you make sure that you let that person down gently, highlight that person's strengths and even offer to write a letter of recommendation for his next employment opportunity, you will be able to end that person's career with a handshake and not harsh words.

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