How to Start a Radio Show

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How to Start a Radio Show

For those who are looking for a good medium to reach a lot of people at once, the radio is a great place to start, as well as an invaluable tool. It's much easier to get involved with radio than it is to start off on television or in mass-published print. But wanting to start a radio show and knowing how to start a radio show are two completely different things. Follow these tips, and you'll have a much better understanding… and, if done correctly, radio show.

Have a Theme

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One of the first mistakes that most people looking to start a radio show make is to just assume that their show doesn't need a theme. After all, it's easy to convince yourself that you'll always be able to find something to talk about, and that your listeners will be happy about any show you put on. That isn't the case; the shows with the best followings are normally those that fit a certain theme, and can attract fans of that theme.

Have a Structure

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Everyone knows that the more serious radio shows have structure; in fact, many of the structures they have are very strict and regimented. But even “fun” or more informal radio shows should have a structure to it, so that your listeners will know what to expect. It doesn't necessarily have to be scripted out perfectly, but having a general program of what you're planning will keep your listeners interested and coming back for more.

Invite a Variety of Guests

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Almost all radio shows have guests come in, to speak about whatever the topic of that particular show might be about. Even if you're starting a small show, you should make sure that you have some, as well as have a variety of guests. Bring in both old guests, who are likely to be favorites and who have spoken before, and new guests, who will have a fresh take on whatever you might be discussing.

Take Calls

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Of course, even with the right theme, structure, and guests, there's one massive part of the radio show equation that would be missing:  The listener! Those tuning in to your radio show on a regular basis will most likely want to chime in from time to time, whether to argue, agree, or anything in between. Let them call in! This will make them feel closer to you, as well as more loyal to the radio show.

Promote Yourself… and Others

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Now that we've got the heart and soul of the radio show out of the way, we can't forget about the business side. And a radio show is just that:  A business. Even a small one will cost money; if you're trying to turn this into a job, then you're going to need to focus on the business part even more. Make sure to promote yourself. Bumper stickers, signs, even commercials during other shows. And make money, by selling ad space in your show!

Starting a radio show is a fun, exciting idea. However, many people don't take the proper steps to plan it out beforehand. Follow these tips, and you'll be broadcasting in no time!

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