How To Work The Night Shift

How To Work The Night Shift

Working the night shift is something that not all people can do, mostly because of the fact that it directly goes against our natural sleep cycles. Not at all a popular choice for employees, sooner or later you will have to face the dreaded night shift in all of its glory.

When that day comes, however, you will have to be prepared and you'll need to know what to expect as well as how to handle it. Read on to find out how to work the night shift.

Get Loads Of Sleep During The Day


The first problem that you will have to deal with is sleep, or better yet lack of it. In order to compensate for the hours that you will be spending at work, hours that you would normally spend sleeping, you will need to sleep during the day.

Simply close the curtains and darken your bedroom so that you can create the illusion of night, but don't expect this to work well the first time, your brain needs to be properly tired out for this trick to work.

Stock Up On Coffee


No matter how much sleep you get during the day, you will still feel sleepy and tired while you work at night. In order to beat this, you will need a few pick-me-ups in the form of a cup of coffee.

Your mileage may vary however a good rule of thumb is to have one cup of coffee per 2.5 hours of work during the night shift.

Race The Clock


The entire night shift is a race against time itself because you have the same amount of work that the other shifts have, however you actually have slightly less time at your disposal to finish your tasks. That being said, you will have to amp yourself up and focus on maximizing your efficiency.

While that it a surefire way to tire yourself out, you will get a lot of work done and at the same time you will be too distracted to have to deal with the effects of the night shift.

The night shift, the graveyard shift, burning the midnight oil, no matter what you choose to call it, it is still the same thing, you working against your natural sleep cycle.

While not all people feel comfortable working at night, there are always ways to make things better for yourself and ways to take advantage of your current situation.

As long as you stock up on coffee, get enough sleep during the day, respect the silence and keep racing the clock, you will do just fine on the night shift.

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