Part Time Jobs

Part Time Jobs

Part time jobs are defined as jobs that typically offer workers 15-30 hours a week. For some, they present an ideal situation, while others need the compensation that full time employment has to offer in order to get by. This article will look at some part time job opportunities, their advantages and disadvantages and find out who they are best suited for.


1. Time and Scheduling

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Even though part time jobs don’t offer enough compensation for some, they are ideal for others.  Parents who have to divide their time between work and home may prefer a part time job situation. Also, those that like to pursue hobbies, freelance or have other interests will be able to keep up with those past times while maintaining a career.

2. Staying in the Workforce

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Sometimes situations arise that makes working a full time job impossible. However, it is good to maintain a foothold in your career path so that your experience is still up to date when you are ready to return to a full time situation.  A part time job can allow people to continue growing in their careers even though they may have other important matters to attend to. 

3. Supplemental Income

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Part time jobs are also ideal for those who need supplemental income to make ends meet. Part time jobs often offer the flexibility to schedule around a full time work load.


1. Compensation

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Part time jobs can give you ideal and flexible scheduling, but, because you end up working less hours, you also make less money. Also, for workers, hourly rates are generally lower than that of full time employees. Part time work also seldom offers benefits or insurance to their employees. 

2. Fewer Advancement Opportunities

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Those working part time jobs are typically stuck in ‘dead end’ situations. There are rarely opportunities for advancement in their fields, and those that do arise are more likely to be awarded to full time employees. If you do want to move up in a part time position, be sure to communicate your desires to managers and supervisors.

3. Doing More with Less Time

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Part time employees might struggle to keep up with full timers in their office. However, because they are given less time during the day to perform their tasks, their work becomes less manageable and more stressful. If you find yourself dealing with this dilemma, you must keep your goals and expectations in mind and try to communicate that to your superiors and full time counterparts. 

Want the best of both worlds?

Here are some part time jobs that offer great compensation without having to put in all those hours:

  • Dental Hygienist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Sports Coach
  • School Bus Driver
  • Security Guard
  • Janitor
  • Retail Salesperson
  • Taxi Driver/Chauffeur
  • Bartender

Part time jobs can be good for some people and bad for others. Those looking for employment should consider their current economic and personal situations to determine whether a part time job would work best for them, or whether they would prefer full time employment. Whatever your decision, here’s to finding success on your career path!

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